Post # 1 – Take Note

As I begin my journey through the treacherous waters of the publishing industry I decided to do what every good writer should do and write about the process. Over the next several months my second novel (which will become my debut novel) will be published by Corner Store Press in ebook form and then in print form. This blog will serve as a jumping off point, a frame of reference, and a medium for me to dispel my many grievances, complaints, quarrels, conflicts, and successes. My hope is that fans of my books will find my blog to be the perfect compliment, and that fans of my blog will find my books to be just as engaging as the many posts they have adored for so long. I understand that this is neither here nor there as I don’t currently have a book published and this is the official first blog post, but I ask you to not think too hard about it, and instead just believe everything I tell you to be the unequivocal truth.

Sincerely yours,

– Jason Shprintz

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