School of Literature vs. School of Hard Knocks

Recently, I took a placement test and enrolled myself back in school. Nothing fancy, just Philadelphia Community College, but it is a start. As my twenties wind down I wanted to set myself up in a better spot for my thirties, and getting my college degree was on that to-do list. It did get me thinking about how much my writing will change, if at all.

Obviously a classroom environment with a knowledgeable professor and an ambitious student (that’s me) is a formula for learning, but it’s certainly not the only one. I believed once, and still mostly do, that for many professions a college degree is not mandatory. It may say so on the required qualifications list, or your employer may demand to see your diploma, but that doesn’t mean an able bodied person with a desire to learn wouldn’t be able to perform the job just as well as someone who is completely the same but is college educated. Being a writer for example is one of those professions. Yes, you can go to school, read, study, learn and write better. But you can also go online, read, study, learn, and write better. If you want to write for somebody else (i.e. journalism or copywriting) than yes, you will need a college degree. Well, you don’t need a college degree, but they probably won’t hire you without one, so yea, you kinda do need a college degree. But if you want to write for you, I don’t believe you need a college degree to do that. I believe you can read other works, study the many different courses and lessons the internet has to offer for free, pick up a pen and do it.

Either way, I enrolled. I still feel like I don’t need it to do what I want to do, but I’m at a point in my life where I want it, which is why I think I’ll be successful at it this time around. A college degree means more to me than the piece of paper that says I’m good enough for you to hire me. It means that I wanted to get it…and I did.

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