Frequency in Publication

As I keep moving along in this self-publishing world I keep learning new lessons on what I should be doing and what I could be doing better. As a blogger, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t pass those lessons on to you.

The latest lesson I learned is about frequency in publication and the importance of having multiple books.

Currently, I have just THE REVERIE published and sales are right around what I expected for it. I’ve done a little advertising but not too much, I don’t have a big budget after all and I don’t have the reviews needed for a BookBub ad. But what I’ve learned is, with only one book, there isn’t much you can do except write more books.

In fact, that’s the motto with every forum and every thread that talks about authors with only one book. In hindsight it would have been a better business move to wait until I had more titles available than publishing the only one I had ready, but this is where I feel the roads of business and art clash. An artist will want to put out their work for the world as soon as they can, which is what I wanted to do.

In the future I will have learned from this. I’m writing a novella which I’m able to publish within the next six-eight months (if everything goes according to plan, which it rarely does) and my next novel I’m hoping to get out within the next eight to fourteen months. It won’t be until I’m ready to publish whatever I write after that until I’m going to commit to real advertising. There isn’t much point spreading the word about you if there aren’t that many words to spread (get it?)


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