Step One: Start Over

Sometimes I get frustrated with how long everything in the writing world takes. Between illustrators, editors, promotional tools, website design, and actually writing the damn story sometimes this whole process can feel very frustrating.

If you ever feel this way than I encourage you to do what I do: start over at step one.

That doesn’t sound overly encouraging, I know, but stay with me for a moment.

No matter whether you are writing a short story or a series of novels, the writing aspect is going to be daunting and annoying at times. Even short stories require outlines and planning, and if you stop to think about all the steps you have to do (write, edit, critique, rewrite, re-edit, re-critique, book launch, cover design, website, ed*T^r, @$(@!) it becomes too much to think about. You begin to feel like there is no way you are ever going to finish all this and you begin to blame yourself for ever thinking you could. That’s when you have to start over from step one.

I’m halfway through a short story that is tied into my novel and I’m expediting it because I want to release it before the next novel. As exciting as it is to be working on something fresh and fun, it’s still taking a toll on me to know that I’ve been doing this for 7 years and only have one thing out in my name. That’s why I keep telling myself to start over from step one. Don’t think about all that hasn’t been accomplished in the past 7 years, think about all that will be accomplished today. And when today has passed and you’re on the next page, start again from step one.

On the surface, it doesn’t seem all too encouraging to always be looking at yourself starting over at step one, but if you focus on this step one, then that step one, then this one, then that one, over time you’ll turn around and see that there are quite a bit of steps behind you.

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