Grinding, and I’m Not Talking on the Dance Floor

Haven’t been posting much as of late but it’s all for a good reason. I have been in grind mode recently, working not only on my writing but also working toward a tough mudder in October. I’ve also been reading a lot and I’m about to start school in September. Quite a bit, I know.

It got me thinking about work ethic and staying comfortable. It takes a certain kind of person to write a novel. More importantly, it takes a certain kind of work ethic. In my writing experience I’ve noticed that almost everybody has the first three or four chapters of a novel already written, but when you ask them six months later how it’s going, they still only have the same first three or four chapters. It doesn’t mean they’re bad writers, but it does mean they have bad work ethic. It’s like saying you’re trying to lose ten pounds, and then doing absolutely nothing to try to lose those ten pounds.

I have nothing against these people. It’s always nice to dream about what you can accomplish. Sometimes the dream is better than the accomplishment. I loved being a published author a lot more when I dreamt that it was all interviews and fans. As it turns out, there is a healthy amount of work and time involved as well, and I’m still waiting on the interviews and fans. But where I was when I decided that I wanted to be a writer to where I am now (a published writer going back to school to learn how to write better) is leaps and bounds. It doesn’t seem like I traveled that far, but looking back I surely did cover a lot of distance.

I’m hoping the same goes with the tough mudder. Every day I’m working out and my body looks the same, but two months from now I might look back and realize that quite a bit has changed (hopefully).

Still working on the sequel to THE REVERIE as well as another project. Both might get sidetracked with a third project (I know, I know) and all of that might get put on the back burner when school starts. But eventually everything will be complete and I’ll be drowning in more work and projects. That’s the tradeoff. If you have a strong work ethic you will accomplish so much but you will never feel comfortable (nor should you). If you are relaxed and comfortable with where your work and life is (in my most humble opinion) you need to shake it up. Add a project that you’re not sure you will be able to complete. Set the bar high. Be scared. Take risks. And never settle.

Imagine a story where the main character never did anything out of his comfort zone. He never strived for greatness and he never failed because he never tried. There would be no gratifying success, no struggle, no drama, and therefore…no story. Don’t let this be your story.

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