Look Who’s Talking About Me Now!

Thanks Stephan Colbert for the tag line. Since you won’t be using it anymore I feel like it’s my civic duty to keep it alive.

As many loyal blog followers already know, I recently reenrolled in school at the spry young age of 28. The goal is become a better writer and it looks like I’m on my way. The Philadelphia Community College offers a creative writing contest known as the Judith Stark Creative Writing Award. Every semester they award a small cash prize and a large publishing credit to four students whose pieces were of exceptional quality in the fields of Non-Fiction, Poetry, Screenplay, and Fiction. Why am I telling you this??


Woohoo! Success! The piece that won is the first chapter of a novel I’m currently working on (and now reenergized and inspired to continue working on). I’ll be doing a reading in the Spring (stay tuned) and the excerpt will be published in the spring through Limited Editions, a literary mag aimed at publishing students of the college. It’s a small step in my writer career but a big one for me.

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