Yeh Mon

Just got back from Jamaica!

Had a blast. Definitely some great people down there. It was awesome checking out their art and seeing what some of these people do every day to survive.




For those who don’t know, Jamaica is an incredibly poor country that survives off of tourism. The people there do anything they can to make a buck and some of them spend their entire lives honing in on one craft and selling it very cheaply to eat.

That’s a real artist. Someone who is producing their life’s work just to keep their life going.

I have to take a lesson from Jamaica. Not everything I write is going to win an award or get published and even get read. But I have to write it anyway, because out there somewhere is someone writing to stay alive, and I have to be just as hungry to keep up.

One thought on “Yeh Mon

  1. Hi Jason,
    Great posts. I can identify with so many things you’ve said so far. Your perspective on Jamaica is quite interesting too. I’m glad you visited and took away such a great lesson.

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