Look Who’s Talking About Me Again!

As many of my loyal followers already know, I am currently enrolled at the Philadelphia Community College to earn a degree in English and a certificate in Creative Writing. I never graduated from College previously, so I’m going for my undergraduate, but I’m not all too concerned with the grades.

Okay, maybe a little concerned (I’ve gotten a handful of Bs I thought should have been As) but really what I’m enrolled for is to become a better writer. Not so much the degree (I’ve seen in the real world how much those are worth) but more for the betterment of my craft, the continuation of my epic journey to write the perfect sentence.

Last semester I was awarded 1st place in Fiction for the Judith Stark Creative writing contest.

This semester I was, once again, awarded 1st place in Fiction for the Judith Stark Creative writing contest.  (WOOHOO)

If you think that it can’t feel as good the second time around…well, you’re wrong.

The contest works like this. Students submit their work in triplicate anonymously. Three judges read every piece and then come together to talk about which work they enjoyed the most.

Because the work is submitted anonymously, the fact that I won two semesters in a row is really special.

Thank you to all the judges and faculty members who have supported me in my quest to be a better writer.

Details on the winning piece to come.

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