Hey! Remember me?

I’ve been thinking about posting something on here for a short while so I may as well do it. There is always a fear that’s involved after you haven’t written in a while. A fear that’s similar to a weight lifter who’s been out of the gym too long, or an athlete recovering from a serious injury: can I still do it? Let’s find out.

After returning to college to pursue an English degree in hopes of becoming a better (more exposed) writer I’m happy to say that I am successfully halfway through that program. It hasn’t been easy, but I have learned a lot, and even won two Judith Stark awards. The winners haven’t yet been announced for this semester so here’s hoping for another “Look Who’s Talking About Me Again” post.

I’ve also volunteered myself to be the lead Literary Editor for Limited Editions, a literary/photo magazine produced by the good folks over at the Student Life and Activities office at the Community College of Philadelphia. More on that later.

And after an extremely long hiatus I’ve succumbed the courage to open up the ole work-in-progress. I gave it a solid read and decided that maybe, possibly, I might just do a little bit of writing in it before it begins to collect dust again. Perhaps.

That’s it for now but stay tuned because I promise to keep this blog updated with more frequency than the once a year posting of late. Probably.

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