Surprise! Magner Nichols Competition.

Recently I was convinced by my public speaking professor to participate in CCP’s annual Magner Nichols speech competition. It’s a two division competition where competitors will compete with either a 2 minute memorized monologue or a 5-7 minute extemporaneous speech. I had a 6 minute speech on Sleep Apnea awareness which I had presented to my public speaking class and he thought it would be a good fit for the competition.

He was right. I won first. Woot Woot.


From Left to Right: Steve Rauscher (2nd), Tammy Brooks (Honorable Mention), Kelly McQuain (Professor who convinced me), Me, Nykko Vitali (3rd).

It was very exciting and an honor to win, but also it was also quite unexpected as I truthfully had not planned on entering, and probably wouldn’t have if it weren’t for a little push (and extra credit) from my professor. It just goes to show that you can make whatever plans you want to, but if an opportunity arrives you should seize it.

I went back to school to become a better writer and I’m leaving a better speaker.


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