About Me


Short Story

I am a writer of fiction, a master of cocktails, and a dreamer of extraordinary ideas.

Long Story

The first story I ever wrote, I wrote when I was eleven or twelve years old. It was a first-person narrative from the perspective of my cat, Gizmo. Unfortunately, the original manuscript is lost, but from what I can remember, it was an ordinary day in Gizmo’s life. I then went and described all the mundane things Gizmo did. There wasn’t much of a conflict.

I wrote creatively in high school, although much of that is lost too. It wasn’t until I moved to Philadelphia in 2007 that I started keeping a record of my work. Since then, I’ve written hundreds of short stories and two novels, the second available here.

I currently live in Las Vegas, NV, with my fiancée and two dogs.

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