Surprise! Magner Nichols Competition.

Recently I was convinced by my public speaking professor to participate in CCP's annual Magner Nichols speech competition. It's a two division competition where competitors will compete with either a 2 minute memorized monologue or a 5-7 minute extemporaneous speech. I had a 6 minute speech on Sleep Apnea awareness which I had presented to … Continue reading Surprise! Magner Nichols Competition.

Look Who’s Talking About Me Again!

As many of my loyal followers already know, I am currently enrolled at the Philadelphia Community College to earn a degree in English and a certificate in Creative Writing. I never graduated from College previously, so I'm going for my undergraduate, but I'm not all too concerned with the grades. Okay, maybe a little concerned … Continue reading Look Who’s Talking About Me Again!

Look Who’s Talking About Me Now!

Thanks Stephan Colbert for the tag line. Since you won't be using it anymore I feel like it's my civic duty to keep it alive. As many loyal blog followers already know, I recently reenrolled in school at the spry young age of 28. The goal is become a better writer and it looks like … Continue reading Look Who’s Talking About Me Now!

Blurb Release for THE REVERIE

Here is the official blurb for THE REVERIE. Release date for the book is in two weeks! (6/16/14)┬áMartin lost five thousand dollars, his job, and his girlfriend Jenny all in the same bet. She leaves him standing alone on the casino floor, and his will to live leaves with her. A comedy of errors involving … Continue reading Blurb Release for THE REVERIE

Post # 1 – Take Note

As I begin my journey through the treacherous waters of the publishing industry I decided to do what every good writer should do and write about the process. Over the next several months my second novel (which will become my debut novel) will be published by Corner Store Press in ebook form and then in … Continue reading Post # 1 – Take Note