Limited Experience

  Recently, I helped in the creation and production of the Community College of Philadelphia's literary magazine: Limited Editions. My professor Julie Odell led the charge with Evan Judah as the Photography Editor, Luis Acosta as the Graphic Designer, and yours truly as the Literary Editor. It wasn't easy. There was some really great submissions … Continue reading Limited Experience

Surprise! Magner Nichols Competition.

Recently I was convinced by my public speaking professor to participate in CCP's annual Magner Nichols speech competition. It's a two division competition where competitors will compete with either a 2 minute memorized monologue or a 5-7 minute extemporaneous speech. I had a 6 minute speech on Sleep Apnea awareness which I had presented to … Continue reading Surprise! Magner Nichols Competition.

The Struggle is Realz

Art is hard. Let's not forget that. Writing is art. Let's not forget that either. I am lucky enough to have found someone who I enjoy sharing a part of my life. That wonderful lady is the very talented artist, Leah St Clair. Recently we talked about how difficult it is to make art while still living … Continue reading The Struggle is Realz

Look Who’s Talking About Me Again!

As many of my loyal followers already know, I am currently enrolled at the Philadelphia Community College to earn a degree in English and a certificate in Creative Writing. I never graduated from College previously, so I'm going for my undergraduate, but I'm not all too concerned with the grades. Okay, maybe a little concerned … Continue reading Look Who’s Talking About Me Again!

Poetry is Play

I'm almost finished my second semester of my second attempt of college, and it can't be understated how happy I am about learning the craft of writing. I'm nearly complete the Introduction to Creative Writing (a prerequisite for everything wonderful) and have learned something very valuable about writing poetry. When writing non-fiction, even creative non-fiction, there are … Continue reading Poetry is Play

Look Who’s Talking About Me Now!

Thanks Stephan Colbert for the tag line. Since you won't be using it anymore I feel like it's my civic duty to keep it alive. As many loyal blog followers already know, I recently reenrolled in school at the spry young age of 28. The goal is become a better writer and it looks like … Continue reading Look Who’s Talking About Me Now!