Grinding, and I’m Not Talking on the Dance Floor

Haven't been posting much as of late but it's all for a good reason. I have been in grind mode recently, working not only on my writing but also working toward a tough mudder in October. I've also been reading a lot and I'm about to start school in September. Quite a bit, I know.It got … Continue reading Grinding, and I’m Not Talking on the Dance Floor


Check out what Kyle Albasi did!Facebook has been rolling out a new feature for advertisers with autoplaying video ads. I think it’ll be interesting how this medium plays out as it’s very different from the video ads we’re used to seeing in television and before online clips. I think it’s an opportunity for animated still ads, where … Continue reading THE REVERIE Animated!

The Guilt of Not Writing

I just approved the proof for the print version of THE REVERIE, which means that in 3-5 days it will be available for purchase as a 6"x9" paperback from Amazon. Needless to say this is very exciting. I love ebooks, but there will always be a special place in my heart for traditional trade paperbacks. … Continue reading The Guilt of Not Writing

Step One: Start Over

Sometimes I get frustrated with how long everything in the writing world takes. Between illustrators, editors, promotional tools, website design, and actually writing the damn story sometimes this whole process can feel very frustrating.If you ever feel this way than I encourage you to do what I do: start over at step one.That doesn't sound overly … Continue reading Step One: Start Over