Surprise! Magner Nichols Competition.

Recently I was convinced by my public speaking professor to participate in CCP's annual Magner Nichols speech competition. It's a two division competition where competitors will compete with either a 2 minute memorized monologue or a 5-7 minute extemporaneous speech. I had a 6 minute speech on Sleep Apnea awareness which I had presented to … Continue reading Surprise! Magner Nichols Competition.

School of Literature vs. School of Hard Knocks

Recently, I took a placement test and enrolled myself back in school. Nothing fancy, just Philadelphia Community College, but it is a start. As my twenties wind down I wanted to set myself up in a better spot for my thirties, and getting my college degree was on that to-do list. It did get me … Continue reading School of Literature vs. School of Hard Knocks