The Struggle is Realz

Art is hard. Let's not forget that. Writing is art. Let's not forget that either. I am lucky enough to have found someone who I enjoy sharing a part of my life. That wonderful lady is the very talented artist, Leah St Clair. Recently we talked about how difficult it is to make art while still living … Continue reading The Struggle is Realz

Poetry is Play

I'm almost finished my second semester of my second attempt of college, and it can't be understated how happy I am about learning the craft of writing. I'm nearly complete the Introduction to Creative Writing (a prerequisite for everything wonderful) and have learned something very valuable about writing poetry. When writing non-fiction, even creative non-fiction, there are … Continue reading Poetry is Play

Grinding, and I’m Not Talking on the Dance Floor

Haven't been posting much as of late but it's all for a good reason. I have been in grind mode recently, working not only on my writing but also working toward a tough mudder in October. I've also been reading a lot and I'm about to start school in September. Quite a bit, I know.It got … Continue reading Grinding, and I’m Not Talking on the Dance Floor

Why Writers are like Basketball Players

If you grow up shooting hoops in your driveway, you will progress as a shooter and will eventually become very good at it. By standing in front of the net for hours on end practicing your jump shot, three pointer, and free throw you will hone your skills as someone who can make buckets, and your … Continue reading Why Writers are like Basketball Players

Why One Set of Eyes isn’t Enough

I just received my manuscript back from the lovely Samantha Gordon of Invisible Ink Editing and I am astonished over how many subtle details I've missed, even after staring at the damn thing for the better part of this past year. So many little items that can easily be changed (and one not so little plot hole … Continue reading Why One Set of Eyes isn’t Enough

Why Writing is So Difficult

I usually despise the millions of lists that clog the internet. There's just too many of them. "12 reasons why you get ignored by the opposite sex" "17 ways to get more exercise" "5 secrets to help you get promoted" "9 lists that will help you write better lists" But I've been thinking about why it's so … Continue reading Why Writing is So Difficult